Do you wish to request a bulletin, website, or pulpit announcement for your group’s event or activity? Do you need to reserve a calendar date or schedule the use of church facilities or resources?

Please help us communicate and coordinate these needs through our church staff. Click here for a Communication Request Form in .pdf format. You may (1) print this form, fill it out completely, and put it in the drop box outside the church office; or (2) open the form, use the “Fill & Sign” feature of Adobe Reader, save, attach, and return by email to

We also request that you attach any fliers, posters, or other publicity that you wish the staff to review and approve before you post or distribute them.

Requests must be submitted at least 2 weeks prior to the event or activity. The church staff usually meets on Tuesday mornings, so please return completed forms no later than Monday at noon. This will allow us to discuss your request, contact you about approval, and/or ask you for further information.